The Most Mainstream Flight Controller

The Rodeo 150 is an exciting new FPV racing drone from Walkera. Its small size and stylized symmetrical modular design makes it not only visually impressive but it will cut through the air.

Underneath the beautiful canopy is a modular designed 150 class FPV racer, installed with F3 generation flight controller using CleanFlight software which is tuned and tested by Walkera factory, 600TVL FPV camera and 5.8Ghz video transmitter ensure you have good quality video feed. Brushless motor and 95mm diameter propeller deliver high speed and good handling experience.

The highlight of Rodeo 150 is not only its slim fuselage but also the enclosed modular design, which ensures circuit stability of main frame and other modules. The internal electronic parts are thoroughly redesigned with better configuration, in order to protect each sophisticated components and to prevent signal interference and crash impact.

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